Roof raking is a temporary solution in which you remove
snow from your roof. A ridge can form on the edge of a
roof and prevents melting snow from properly draining.
This can cause water to back up behind the dam and leak
into your home, causing damage to walls, ceilings,
insulation, gutters, down spouts, and other areas.

Temperature variations tend to be the main culprit in the
formation of ice dams. Once a dam forms, it is fed by the
melting snow above it. If the water cannot escape, it can
find cracks or voids, working its way into your interior.
Once this happens, headaches and costs can multiply.

Each roof offers different challenges. Capitol Lakes is
capable of either raking the roof from the ground (up to
two stories), or with larger commercial roofs, we get on the
roof using safety harnesses, to clear the problem areas.