Protecting and improving your investment is the goal of our 5-step Fertilization and Weed
Control Program
. Our Certified and Licensed lawn care specialists use only the highest
quality products in the recommended manner to protect and improve your lawn.

Experienced professionals will provide you with a free assessment of your lawn and
recommend only the right products with the proper number of applications.

Call or contact us now for a free turf and lawn evaluation. We provide competitive pricing for
your home or commercial property.

Step 1: Early spring application of time release granular fertilizer with crabgrass control.
Step 2: Liquid application in late spring for broadleaf weed control (dandelions, etc.).
Step 3: Slow release granular turf fertilizer. Applied during the summer to promote root
development throughout the dry summer months.
Step 4: Liquid application for additional broadleaf weed control in late summer.
Step 5: Granular turf fertilizer applied in late fall to prepare turf for winter.
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